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Hypochlorous acid (HClO) generators. Redefining ECA technology - At Kirkmayer, we know how electrochemistry works.

KirkMayer - Anolyte

Electrolyzed water describes two solutions—a grease-cutting cleaner and a powerful sanitizer—which an electrolyzed water system produces through the process of electrolysis. The Hypochlorous acid, Anolyte, acts as a high-efficacy sanitizer, while the Sodium hydroxide, Catholyte, is a broad spectrum cleaning solution. The Anolyte or Hypochlorous acid, the disinfectant, will eliminate most common types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores within seconds of its application, and has tested to be 80 percent more powerful at 50 parts per million than chlorine bleach at 200 parts per million. The Catholyte or sodium hydroxide, a non-foaming detergent, is an effective solution for all-purpose cleaning.


Kirkmayer is redefining ECA technology with its cutting edge cylindrical cell. The benefits compared to conventional ECA generators are substantial. We offer a series of generators with high performance and low operating cost.


The use of electrolysis for the production of reductant-oxidant solutions is used in the processes of water purification and decontamination, as well as for transforming water or diluted electrolyte solutions into environmentally friendly anti-microbial.