KIRKMAYER is a leading global provider of first-rate generators in the areas of electrochemically activated solutions (ECA), formed by a researcher and technician team with more than fifteen years of experience.

We set out with the main aim to create a more reliable and efficient electrolytic cell than those available on the market today, and we can proudly say, with our new and unique patented technology, that we have achieved that goal and more.

In fact, we went further than merely improving the existing offering; we created something new and truly revolutionary: a state-of-the-art double cooling coaxial cell (both electrodes cooled) which out-performs its competition on the market.

The company manufactures and installs both standard and highly personalized ECA systems (HClO generators) to meet the need of clients in a multitude of different sectors.

Kirkmayer Industries OÜ was awarded as the most competitive micro-company in Estonia in 2021

Based on last year’s financial results, Kirkmayer Industries, was awarded as the most competitive micro-company in Estonia in 2021! In the ranking more than 500 companies were present. Having sold our technology in more than 30 countries made all the difference in winning the award.

Kirkmayer Industries OÜ Receives AS Creditinfo Eesti Strongest in Estonia Rating 2021

A credit rating indicates many aspects of a company’s reputation. It uses economic measures to evaluate the company’s finances. But to us here at Kirkmayer Industries OÜ, it means even more.

This year, the international credit information company AS Creditinfo Eesti certified Kirkmayer Industries OÜ. They have recognised our contributions to the development of the Estonian economy and honest business culture. Based on economic data for 2020, we achieved the rating of “Very Good (AA)”. To achieve this rating, our company’s economic situation and financial results had to be good. We also had to consistently demonstrate proper payment discipline.

Creditinfo Eesti AS has acknowledged Estonian companies over the past 13 years with the Strongest in Estonia certificate. To analyse each company, Creditinfo Eesti AS evaluates nearly 400 different financial and economic indicators. After a thorough analysis, they issue a credit rating to the company. The AA or “Very Good” rating indicates that Kirkmayer Industries OÜ ranks amongst the top 6,9% of Estonian companies with an A-group rating.

“We are proud to display The Strongest in Estonia certificate showing a positive signal about how Kirkmayer excels in our dealing with existing and future partners. This international recognition affirms we remain a trustworthy partner and diligent member of the Estonian business community”, explains Mario Kirkmayer, CEO.

The Strongest in Estonia title enables companies like ours to stand apart from competitors with a concrete demonstration of trustworthiness and creditworthiness. Because only a few Estonian companies achieve this high credit score, the certificate applauds and recognises the companies and their employees. In other words, this certificate shows that Kirkmayer Industries OÜ is a company with stable, exemplary financial and economic behaviour as a trustworthy partner.

Article 95 Compliance



ECHA (European Chemical Agency – the responsible authority for the BPR) INCLUDED KIRKMAYER INDUSTRIES OÜ, IN THE LIST OF ACTIVE SUBSTANCES AND SUPPLIERS (Article 95 list) UNDER ARTICLE 95 REGULATION (EU) No 528/2012.
Decision number: ACC-D-1363343-55-00/F – for PT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Decision number: ACC-D-1513330-61-00/F – for PT 11

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