Kirkmayer BMI Series – BMI05 – Anolyte – HClO generator – Font view

Kirkmayer BMI Series – BMI05 – Anolyte – HClO generator – Left Perspective view

BMI Series - Anolyte - HClO generator

Outstanding quality with the smallest ever footprint

The BMI series has been designed for small consumers. We have reduced the size of the units to a minimum without reducing the quality that distinguishes our technology, everything translates into very small dimensions and lightness that allows easy portability, unparalleled simplicity of maintenance.

In the BMI series we have installed our new double-cooled electrodes cell with flat diaphragm, produced by a PTFE derivative, this action has allowed us to make our cell indestructible, with the consequent possibility of transporting the generator on any terrain also the most impracticable.



  • separate compartments for hydraulic and electrical components
  • double-cooled electrodes cell
  • integrated electrode flushing system
  • wide range input Voltage 100-240V
  • possibility of adjusting the pH with a dedicated knob, extreme stability of the pH
  • PTFE based diaphragm
  • both electrodes in Titanium
  • connectors and hoses in PTFE/PVDF
  • graphical measuring instrument for current and voltage
  • automatic start and stop
  • process current stabilization
  • integrated float level switches


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